3 benefits of arbutin that you should know!

3 benefits of arbutin that you should know!

Many think that one of the most concerning skincare problems is uneven skin tone aside from acne and breakouts. Thus, many beauty brands produce various brightening products to combat uneven skin tone. Most of them hit the market perfectly.

One of the most brightening ingredients that are being endorsed regularly is arbutin. Arbutin comes from the bearberry plant where the extract can block the tyrosinase to prevent the melanin transfer to the skin. Or in the other way, arbutin will block the melanin production so that your dark spot is not worsening.

In general, there are two types of arbutin. The first one is alpha arbutin while the other is beta arbutin. Both of them have a similar function but are different in efficacy. Today, we will talk about the benefits instead of the molecular story of both (we will explain later in depth)

Does it give major benefits to your skin? Yes, it is! Let us tell you why you should start to introduce arbutin in your skincare routine!

#1 If you want to brighten your skin and combat your uneven skin tone

One of the most well-known benefits of arbutin is to make your face looks brighter with a natural glow. You can see the major improvement after 8 - 10 weeks.

#2 If you want to fade acne scars

Acne often heals as black or brown scars on your skin. This is quite disturbing and will affect your self-confidence. Thus, adding any skincare products that contain arbutin on regular basis, will help you to remove the dark acne scars.

#3 If you want to reduce hyperpigmentation

If you have hyperpigmentation, try to include any arbutin serum in your skincare routine on daily basis. You will be able to appreciate the effects on your hyperpigmentation within 8-10 weeks as we've mentioned above. In addition, your skin will appear brighter.

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Bottom line, you need to remember that every skin reacts differently. Thus, finding a suitable product for your skin is tricky. Remember to do a skin patch test before use, okay?