4 skincare habits to avoid!

4 skincare habits to avoid!

Stop doing these damaging things to your skin! You might already doing these for years but it's not too late to start changing your habits.

1. Stop over-washing your face

Over-washing your face will cause dryness and redness to your skin. It can also trigger the production of sebum by sending signals to your skin that it needs to produce more sebum and try to hydrate your skin. You don't want that extra shine right? Thus, you only need to wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. 

2. Stop over-exfoliating your skin

Over-exfoliate will cause your skin to be over-sensitive due to the weakening of your skin barrier. Even worst, it can also lead to severe breakout. Thus, start with low percentage of AHA or BHA. If you're a beginner, start exfoliating with a gentle exfoliating cleanser such as Alluskin Purifying Cleanser that has 5% glycolic acid. It will only stay on your face for 30-60 seconds before you rinse it off.

If you want to start to add exfoliating toner or serum, start with once a week then increase it to twice or thrice a week after you feel comfortable. Remember to finish off your routine with your favourite moisturiser to protect your skin barrier.

Suggestion: Alluskin Purifying Cleanser can be used together with Alluskin Barrier Cream


3. Do not miss your moisturiser

This is a very tricky part. We do know that applying moisturiser is to moisturise your skin right? However, some of us still wonder why oily skin needs moisturiser as well. If you think that your skin is well moisturise due to the oily skin, no it is not. Oily skin can lose its moisture too, leading to oily-dehydrated skin which means your skin is oily but with rough skin texture.

Thus, find the right moisturiser for your skin. Gel or gel-cream moisturiser tends to be oily skin's favourite. Our Alluskin Barrier Cream has a very fluffy creamy texture but will melt into gel once it touches your skin. It's a dreamy texture for everyone.

Tips: If your sunscreen has moisturising or hydrating ingredients, oily skin peeps can skip their daytime moisturiser.

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4. Do not forget your sunscreen

The results of not using sunscreen from your early age is tremendous. You will only see the irreversible ageing signs 10 to 20 years later (hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines or wrinkles). Missing out your sunscreen for a very long time will also weakened your protective skin barrier.

Tips: Sunscreen with Vitamin C will help to protect your skin from ageing sign better.

The bottom line: YMMV. You know your skin better. Thus, always listen to your skin. What it needs probably is not what you want.