4 tips to achieve healthy skin!

4 tips to achieve healthy skin!

Hundreds or maybe thousands skin care tips have been shared all over the world, by so many experts. We from Alluskin will share 4 skin care tips to keep your skin healthy!


#1 Protect Yourself From The Sun

Continuous sun exposure can cause wrinkles, ageing spots, pigmentations and other skin problems as well as increase the risk of you getting skin cancer. Use your SPF at least 30 on daily basis and reapply every 2 - 4 hours. You can use two pea size, two tea spoon, or two finger method according to the consistency and formulation of your sunscreen.

There are three types of sunscreen in the market. Chemical, physical or hybrid sunscreen. Thus, choose according to your skin type and need.


#2 Treat Your Skin Gently

When you are doing your daily skincare routine, you need to apply each product gently onto your face. Also, choose your skincare according to your skin types and needs. Avoid using multiple products that contain potent active ingredients in one go. It will weakened or damages your skin barrier which eventually will lead to skin irritation or breakout.

The problem with most of us are, we want fast effects! But skin can be fragile too. Thus, treat it gently, and you will see the difference.


#3 Eat Healthy Diet

Sounds cliché but this is the truth. A lot of experts will advice you to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Vitamins from fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your body and skin. Also, don't forget to drink enough of water to keep yourself hydrated. Balance and nutritious diet will keep you healthy inside out.


#4 Manage Your Stress

Uncontrollable stress can make your skin more sensitive and it can trigger acne formation and other skin problems. Scale back your to-do lists, indulge yourselves in your self care routine and get enough beauty sleep. Your skin will appear healthier if you're in a good mood and happy!

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Bottom line, you can only achieve healthy skin by doing a consistent routine. Remember, skin care is a marathon, not a sprint.