The best morning skincare routine.

The best morning skincare routine.

A lot of us skip proper morning skincare routine because they’re in a rush. But do you know that by spending a little bit more time in the morning will get you off to the glowing start?

Let me share how to do so!


Before focusing on your skin, your body needs hydration too. Do it by drinking plain water to start your morning. To make it a little more fun, add lemon/mint leaves into the water and leaves overnight. Put it next to your bed for faster grab of water in the morning!


Your skin regenerates overnight. By cleansing your face, you’ll clear up the dead skins and purify your pores. Once your skin is clean, it will be perfect for the next skincare routine!


Right after cleansing, apply your toner of choice to re-hydrate your skin, preparing for the moisturizer. Either soothing, hydrating, or brightening, the choice is yours!


Most of moisturizers contain humectant that have the ability to lock the moisture by creating a protective layer on top of your skin. So by applying moisturizer to the dampen skin, your skin will feel and appear hydrated and glowing!


People are debating the perfect time to apply sunscreen either before or after applying moisturizer. Some suggested to apply before moisturizer for the sunscreen chemical to be well absorbed while some suggested to apply on top of moisturizer so that the SPF works better. Well the choice is yours!

So don't forget to spend a lil bit more time on every morning, okay?

Tips: Why not adding a glass of smoothie into your morning routine? While feeling fresh after gulping in source of vitamin C and antioxidants, your skin will get better too!

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