Tips to flawless skin makeup look!

Tips to flawless skin makeup look!

Quick tips on how to look effortless with your makeup on!


Skincare is your primer! Prepping your skin with your skincare will help you to apply seamless base. Your makeup will melt like butter. Apply face-sheet mask 15-30 minutes beforehand. Top-up with moisturizer, let it dry and proceed with your foundation!


Know your shade! Get the most matching foundation shade. How to check your shade? Apply foundation from the side of the cheek until your jawline. The one that disappears seamlessly is the one that matches your skin. Get extra shade lighter just in case if you have extra pennies.


Get that glo’! Putting a lot of highlighters will only make your face looks oily. Applying minimal amount of dewy type of primer/liquid-based highlighter before the foundation or using the dewy type of setting spray might do the deal! Recommended: Tatcha primer/setting spray


The right concealer helps! Do not use lighter shade to cover your dark circle as it will draw weird attention to the discolouration. After one layer of orangey concealer, then only you can use one shade lighter to blend it onto your skin.


Contour it right! A little bit of well-blending contouring will help the whole makeup look to look even more flawless and natural. Do not over-do it.


Set your makeup strategically. Do not excessively set your face with setting powder. In fact, letting the foundation to dry before splurging tons of setting powder will minimize creasing afterwards. Do not forget your setting spray afterwards!

Note: A flawless makeup starts with a healthy skin. Try our Alluskin Purifying Cleanser & Alluskin Hydrating Toner for a good start!