What's the best night skincare routine?

What's the best night skincare routine?

Do you know that by having your beauty sleep, your skin will become better?

At night, melatonin will be released in order to repair your skin after a long day of exposure to UV rays and pollution.

On top of that, human growth factor also plays a role in accelerating the process of skin repair and cell regeneration when you’re in deep sleep.

Your skin will become more permeable at night as well. It absorbs skincare products very well but the downside of it is, your skin will lose its moisture over the night!

So how to counter the effect?

Apply repairing and hydrating type of skincare at night. It will help your skin to be as smoother as baby skin on the next day. Cream-based moisturizer or sleeping mask could be the answer!

So, what you're waiting for? Let's get our beauty sleep!

Picture: Sleep Foundation